Punish your characters indirectly

‘Well, if you say it’s okay...’ said Ben, taking the bottle. ‘I guess it couldn’t hurt to just try it.’
‘Yeah, it’s cool,’ said Dex, waving a hand. ‘You’ll be old enough soon anyway. Why not get a head-start?’ He grinned and flicked a speck of dust off his leather jacket.
‘Well, okay,’ said Ben, raising the bottle to his mouth. He tipped his head back and tasted the bitter, fiery liquid on his tongue. Before he could even swallow, though, there was a huge, resounding crash from outside. The two boys looked at each other. Dex slowly turned to the window and looked out. Ben saw the colour drain from his face.
‘Laser wasps!’ he shouted, diving to the ground. Ben ran to the window. Sure enough, the swarm of twenty-foot-long robotic laser wasps was tearing through the city, leaving a swathe of destruction in their wake. Full of guilt and remorse, he dropped the bottle. Unfortunately, it was already too late.


  1. As first commenter, I claim "laser wasps" as my own.

  2. Didn't something a lot like this happen on The OC?

  3. Congratulations, Joel, you just made me spit tea all over my screen.
    And my keyboard.
    And my desk.
    And my shirt.
    That'll teach me to read fun stuff at work!

  4. Wait, I never saw the OC. There were twenty-foot-long robotic laser wasps?

  5. Just be glad nobody got "Ray-Bees"


  6. Is there nothing laser wasps can't solve?

    Asides from an invasion of plasma spiders.

  7. Who was wearing the leather jacket?

    And my man-eating merths would like, totally kick your laser wasps butts, innit?

  8. @Dan DeWitt, considering the thread, I am awaiting your punishment for such hubris. Had any random disasters yet?

    Direct punishment of such things is also a pretty common theme: the hangover / vomiting / pregnancy / drug addiction / death / death-by-vampire-boyfriend (if only) that results from experimentation.

    I'm with dancingflames though, laser wasps would solve most things.

  9. Karma waited until today to get back to me. Apparently, that's how long it takes to plan an all-day smitefest. She started by killing my water pump whilst I was in the shower. I've learned my lesson.

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