Blunder into double entendres

Richard held his sausage out over the counter.
‘Do you want it or not?’ he ejaculated. The butcher’s shop was filling up now, the crew from the recently docked Navy vessel lining up for a taste of his meat. The young woman cocked her head.
‘I’m not sure...’ she said.
‘I’ve got it out now,’ he sighed. ‘If I don’t give it to you, I’ll just end up throwing it in the back passage.’ He waved a hand at the growing queue behind her. ‘As you can see, my shop’s full of seamen. I’m sure these guys are hungry for what I’ve got to offer.’


  1. Great! I LOVE double entendres! I just can't help 'slipping one in' at every opening!

  2. "That's what she said."

  3. The Antipodean, noticing some interesting juxtapositions in the comments feed,Sunday, August 29, 2010

    I'd just like to take Cliff's comment from a different thread out of context, because it totally belongs here:

    Cliff said...
    Did this happen? Did it get posted to You Tube? Did Joel buy drinks all round? We should be told.

  4. I guess if we're going to import the comments over from that other post, I have to respond by saying that yes, it did happen and that it went far better than I expected. I also have to say that Dogberry was there, and...

    I can't do it. The mental images... I...

  5. The Antipodean, straight-faced, (well, mostly),Monday, August 30, 2010

    Yes, such video would be a little ... esoteric for YouTube.

    I'm sure there'd be a market for it. Word-fanciers and the like, you know.

  6. While we're importing comments extra-contextually...

    Dan DeWitt said...
    This is done "everywhere" on the internets. Quotes are "used" as an "intensifier." I "really" mean it.

  7. I laughed long and hard. LONG AND HARD. "LONG" and "HARD".