Optimise your vocabulary for maximal lexicon synergy

It was four o’clock in the afternoon and Derek was facilitating his process environment. He validated his competency, taking care not to leverage his parameters to an un-optimal degree, then took ownership of the resultant paradigm. Gina knocked on his open door.
‘Derek?’ He looked up.
‘I was just wondering,’ she said, ‘have you facilitated the strategic execution of mission-crucial validation opportunities today?’
‘Yes,’ he said. ‘In addition, I intend to empower myself to refocus those efforts going forward.’
‘Good, just checking.’ She utilised her wrist-based resource to take stock of available man-hours. ‘Nearly quitting time,’ she disseminated in a teamwork-focused office-wide verbal memo.


  1. Utilization of a sophisticated vocabulary enables visualization and realization of complex process flows. Synergizing word combinations facilitates user conceptualization and communicator elucidation of vital hierarchy linkages. Your denigration of crucial enabling language technique hinders application and utilization of critical linguistic and conceptual tools necessary for the idealization of realized environments. Without appropriate process and environment descriptors, clients and stakeholders cannot achieve the sublimation of primitive forms so necessary to higher organization. Please reconsider your criticism.

  2. Oh, that brings back painful memories of business school. I found that I could take the dumbest stuff, write it up in that kind of language, and get good grades on it. The truth is that no-one really understands what that bullshit means, including the professors.

    Also, Llewelly, your comment just made my day!

  3. This verbosity goes back to the Latin roots of English, and is much more than just a stylistic idiom adopted to confound readers(as in a legal document)

    Love all those 'Zs' llewelly. I couldn't write a sentence in Turkish with that many in it! :)


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  6. Ugh! I come here for a break from my meetings.

  7. I had this problem in the beginning but I have gotten it under control.