Suddenly drop into reported dialogue for no apparent reason

‘My God,’ I said. ’It’s you.’
‘Yes,’ smirked the ape, ‘and I think you’ll find my neuro-circuitry is quite operational, despite your efforts.’
‘You fiend!’ I shouted, straining against the manacles. ‘But how?’
‘Ah,’ he said, giving me a toothy smile. ‘I suppose there is no harm in revealing that now. After all, you won’t live long enough to tell anyone.’
He went on to outline the intricate and surprising method by which he had restored his capacity for speech and regained control of the secret cabal and, in the process, filled in a lot of the blanks in my own understanding of the events following my escape from the submarine.
’There’s one thing I still don’t understand,’ I said. ‘How did you activate the Death Machine without Professor Gleebe’s access codes?’
He explained this to me.
‘Oh,’ I said. ’That makes sense.’


  1. 'Awesome,' smirked the reader. (ie me)

  2. This reader then heaped erudite praise upon the blog post, giving examples of which parts he liked, and using a variety of adorable emoticons.

  3. I think I'll choose random reported dialogue over pages and pages of explanation. Or on second thought, neither.

    Great post!

  4. I just dig the shit out of your blog. I smile every time I read it, and then, of course, end up thinking about certain things as I'm writing.

  5. Why yes, that explains everything! Monologuing is bad enough (remember The Incredibles?) but this... this is just terrible. Wonderfully terrible.

  6. Not precisely the same, but related. There's a bit towards the end of Smiley's People by John le Carré where the narrator suddenly says something along the lines of "Nobody knows how George Smiley managed to capture the secret agent", which is odd because up till then the narrator has known everything, even Smiley's dreams.
    Enjoying all this very much from over at Inky Fool.