The History of Grob #01

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  1. Did you realize that if you play this podcast backwards, it's about the Borg? I don't recommend listeners do that unless they're really, really interested in the Borg's Yrotsih - and why should anyone be?

    Of course, if you listen to the backwards-playing all the way to the end, you can clearly hear: "I buried Paul near the lumpy bit of rock near the river." So there's that lagniappe.

    1. Wow. I didn’t think anyone would crack the code so quickly. I guess I need to go back to inserting the faces of religious figures into baked goods.

  2. Hahaha, this is gold, I'm looking forward to episode #2

  3. It is possible that I found this quite funny. It is possible I noted and enjoyed the parallels between the "cup-and-ball" episode and scenes where archeologists dig up cursed artifacts that end up driving the entire camp mad. It may have happened I found the phrase "The Battle of the Lumpy Bit of Rock Near The River" to be reminiscent of Douglas Adams. But really, there's not enough evidence to say for sure.

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