Go beyond your remit

Dear readers,

With 100 Ways To Write Badly Well safely published and available to buy, I’m trying my hand at something new. For the most part, this blog has focused on the bad writing of fiction – implausible plot twists, awkward turns of phrase, unconvincing characters and so on. Meanwhile, non-fiction has got off all too lightly. It’s time to do something about that.

My new podcast, The History of Grob, is an attempt to tell the story of a fictional nation from the bronze age to the modern day and beyond. It will feature people, places and historical events which are entirely false, or at least significantly misrepresented.

I will post each episode on this blog as it is released, but you can also listen to it at Soundcloud or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or via the xml feed.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and feel that it does justice to this blog’s tradition of ridiculous and flippant self-indulgence.

All the best,

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