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Dear readers,

I am delighted to announce the publication of the book 100 Ways To Write Badly Well in both paperback and ebook. It’s a collection of some of the best bits of this blog along with a bunch of new pieces and it would make an excellent gift for any aspiring writer (even if that aspiring writer is yourself – go on, gift-wrap it and surprise yourself).

You can buy the paperback at and the ebook at The paperback is beautifully designed, has a great cover and would make a fine addition to any bookshelf, whereas the ebook is fantastic value and you can have it in your hands instantly. Personally, I think you should buy one copy of each, but I understand that I may be biased.

The book wouldn’t have been possible without the support and feedback that I’ve had from all of you since I started this blog, so I’d like to take this opportunity to offer my sincere and exhaustive thanks. With your help, what started out as a pointless, frustrated satire gradually became a genuine celebration of the art of bad writing. Still pointless, of course, but joyously so.

All the best,


  1. This announcement is too well written.

    1. Deer readers,

      I'm am delighted too announciate the pub-lication of book "100 Weighs Two Right Badly Well in both papers-back and "E” book. Its a collection of sum of best bit of blog a long with a bunch of new peaces and twould make a excrement gift four any aspirating writer even if that aspirating writer is your-self go on giftrap it ’n' surprise your self...

      You can bye the PaperBack at nasty little press dot org (all one word) and the E-Book at momentum books dot com dot A-U, the paper-back is beautiful design has a grate cover and make a fine multiplication too any books-shelf where as the e Book is fantasy value & can have it in your instantly. Personally; I think you should by 1 copy of each; but I understand that I bias!!!

      the book would’nt have bin possible with-out the support&feed back that I I’ve have had from awl of you since I started this blog. So I’d would like to take opportune to offer my sin-cere & exhausting thanks with your help what started a pointillist frustrating satyr became gradually genuine celebration of of bad writing art the art of. Still, pointless of, course but joyously. So.

      All my bestestness,

    2. Much better. :D

  2. Congratulations! Just got the e-book. You forgot to mention the illustrations; more books should come with illustrations.

  3. I've been waiting for this. For now i'll just buy the ebook, but the physical copy will be on my christmas wish list. :D

  4. "...pointillist frustrating satyr..."

    Fine, be brilliant. I'll buy your book.