Misuse apostrophe’s

The last of the suns ray’s are fading as the boy’s walk with slow and heavy step’s toward’s their homes’.
‘The day’s are getting longer,’ say’s Ross.
‘Thats because Summers here,’ say’s Rosss brother. He sigh’s and kicks’ a pebble along the paths edge. It rattle’s down a drain and disappear’s from Rosss view. He raise’s hi’s eye’s to the cloud’s and squint’s.
‘Whatre you’re plan’s now schools over?’ he say’s. His’ brother shrug’s hi’s shoulder’s.
‘I dont know,’ he say’s. ‘Maybe work on my grammar.’


  1. Obviously, they're all glottal stops.

  2. My biggest pet peeve ever. The title of this post alone made me cringe!
    My favorite one was hi's.

    I often drive past a local car wash that announces that Tuesdays are "Ladie's Day." I want to tear the sign down!

  3. The worst, and thus BEST, so far.
    Poor apostrophe. It is used and abused to no end...

  4. I can't resist since it's so pertinent:
    I took this picture myself in a Wal-mart (disclaimer: this was a once-in-a-blue-moon occasion since everything else was closed and I needed food).
    Who would name their kid Diabete?? ;)

  5. Nice.

    I feel a strong bad song coming on.

  6. Nice. I'm stealing it for Facebook and my overworked, underpaid colleagues in the English profession.

  7. Fun. I love blog post's about apostrophe's.

  8. I read this, laughed, then consumed the following half dozen posts and kept smiling. Great blog.

    Oh, I wondered what the 'English Profession' was...


  9. What?? No its and it's mistake? And who's and whose? Those are my favorite mistake's ;)

  10. ... and surely the first line should have ended, "toward’s they're homes’."

    Great post.

  11. Easily the most painful post I've ever read on this blog.

    I mourn for the apostrophe. MOURN.

  12. I'm here cringing with the rest of you. . . Eeeek. Nearly as bad as fingernails on a chalk board. Or maybe worse.

  13. I just 'spent over an hour covering your last 3 months blog's and comments's, and have to say, needles'sly, that who's ever heard of more way's to 'screw up apos'trophe's!!! You and your reader's have given me the nices't bunch of guffaws' and chortle's Ive had in month's! Thanks' to all!!

  14. This type of abuse almost makes me puke.
    I see it in facebook pages waaaay to much.
    As far as I'm concerned, the only sin greater than neglect of the apostrophe is the abuse of it.

  15. Sadly, I have seen "alway's" used completely seriously before. This hurt to read; apostrophe misuse has to be my absolute biggest pet peeve ever.