Make it hard to distinguish between characters

Christopher, head of molecular biology at ICSBS, was just coming to the end of a long day in the lab. He was about to hang up his goggles and go home when he heard a knock on the door. He looked up. It was his friend and colleague Chris – who, as the head of biological sciences with a particular interest in molecular research, was his immediate superior.
‘Hi Chris,’ said Christopher. ‘I was just leaving.’
‘Me too,’ said Chris. ‘As soon as I’ve found Christine. Have you seen her?’
‘Christine? She was here earlier.’ Christine, a molecular chemist with a head for biology, was one of Christopher’s closest colleagues. ‘Have you asked Christof?’
‘Christof?’ asked Chris. ‘Is he the new guy?’
‘Yes,’ said Christopher. ‘He’s heading up the biochemical molecular engineering division, which means Krissy might be heading for chemical bioengineering.’
‘Doesn’t she have more of a biomolecular chemistry background?’
‘No,’ said Christopher. ‘I think you’re thinking of Krystal.’


  1. Ah, I see you've been reading The Silmarillion again!

  2. AAAAHHHHH!!!!

    The first entry that really made my brain hurt...

  3. The funniest part is, the only 'Krystal' I know spells her name with a C.

  4. I wish someone had mentioned this to Stieg Larsson...

  5. I bet I know what champagne they all drink.

  6. It may have been more appropriate if they were all Chemists..

  7. Reads like a Russian novel.

  8. On a similar note, when making the movie adaptation, don't cast actors who look alike unless the characters are supposed to look alike.