FANFICTION WEEK #3: Experiment with crossovers

He couldn’t do this alone. He needed help, and that could only mean one thing. He grimly thumbed the button on his radio.
‘You need to get over here,’ he barked into the metal grille. There was a burst of static, then a reply.
‘Will do,’ said a voice. ‘I’ll be there in five. Sit tight.’ He dropped the radio and glanced outside. Bombs were still falling thick and fast from the pixellated sky.
‘Still raining,’ he muttered. The ranks of invaders dropped lower with a jolt and the shower of bombs intensified. He would have to do something. Just the bottom row, he told himself.
As soon as he was out from under the bunker roof, he knew it had been a mistake. There were just too many and they were too close. Every move he made to dodge a bomb threw off his targeting. It was only a matter of time before they advanced again. He cursed under his breath. Where was she?
‘Someone call for backup?’ said a voice behind him. He whirled round. There she was, crinoline dress spattered with mud and a shotgun in each hand.
‘You’re a sight for sore eyes, Janey,’ he said. Her eyes glinted in the electric light.
‘That’s Miss Eyre to you,’ she said.


  1. Eu-yuccchh! Pixellated is good, too; you can't tell if it's meant to be pixilated or pixelated (which began as a joke on the former).

  2. Dystopian Brontes!

    I hope Mr Hero is called Heath Cliff.

  3. I hope that wasn't a dig at the Thursday Next series... ;)

  4. Is anyone else humming "space invaders" as they read these, or is it just me?

  5. Ha! On reflection, I can't make up my mind as to whether Miss Eyre is a double shotgun woman. She's certainly not a pearl handled revolver type, not that they'd be much good against invaders anyway...

    @ Old Kitty, since he's having father issues he could be Hamlet. Or Oedipus.

  6. For some reason that last scene really spoke to me~ Maybe I shall write a cliché book full of dangerous dressy ladies.