COMEBACK WEEK #1: Return from an unannounced hiatus as if nothing has happened

Dash Gallant stepped out of the airlock with a step. A hiss of OxyAir hissed around him as he swaggered manfully across the threshold. Amazed gasps of amazement, similar to the hissing hiss of the OxyAir aerotubes, but slightly more organic in their nature coming, as they did, from the mouths of the spaceport technical crew, came from the mouths of the spaceport technical crew.
‘What did I miss?’ Dash guffawed winningly. An overalled figure in a grey overall sprinted up to him and clapped a hand on his shoulder with a delighted clap.
‘Only the whole sprocking war!’ the figure, who was the figure of Engineering Chief Gellard Sprint, joked. ‘Where the sprock were you?’
‘Here and there,’ shrugged Dash. ‘I’ll tell you about it later, over a cold bottle of Hoertellian Spurg.’


  1. I imagine this would have some interesting real world applications. "So, who are all these kids? What are they doing here?"

  2. I like that in the future, stored procedures become so hated that sproc enters the general vocabulary as an obsecenity. Or maybe its just that wars are fought with SQL in the future.

  3. I've missed you!