COMEBACK WEEK #3: Introduce new characters

‘It’s good to have you back, Gallant,’ spoke Colonel Daringman. ‘And there’s someone else here who I know will be particularly pleased to see you.’ He turned to a technician, who was just standing there, awe-struck with awe. ‘Where’s Fumblebot?’ he barked with his voice.
‘I’m here, Colonel,’ said a seductive female voice from behind Dash. ‘I wouldn’t miss this for the universe.’ Dash spun round.
‘Samantha Fumblebot,’ he gasped with a gasp. ‘As beautiful as ever.’
‘Oh, you,’ laughed Fumblebot. ‘Three months of being missing presumed dead on an ice planet and you haven’t lost any of your charm.’
‘No,’ grinned Dash, grinning. ‘Just a few of my toes.’


  1. haha "he barked with his voice."

  2. "grinned Dash, grinning"

  3. If you haven't already, can you do a post called "Give your story only one female character, and make her a sex object/love interest"?

  4. Unless of course you give her a two-dimensional best friend to serve as comic relief.