Over-use hyphens

Susie squinted un-easily into the sun-set. She had a feeling that some-where out there, Lorenzo was coming for her.
‘God-damn you,’ she murmured to her-self. Almost un-consciously, her hand drifted to her gun-belt and rested there, wait-ing. It had been nearly four-teen years now. May-be four-teen-and-a-half. Hadn’t she earned her-self some res-pite? How long could a man be drive-n by that kind of hat-red? How long be-fore it bur-ned a-way, leaving only ash-es be-hind? There was no-thing - ab-sol-ute-ly no-thing - she would-n't do to be able to a-band-on her past and be-gin a-fresh some-where el-se.
‘F---,’ s-he mut-te-red.


  1. Ha! Quite an outside-the-box post.

    I too hate those hyphen-flinging, grammar-squashing, word-choice-bungling, direct-to-TV-because-it's-too-cliche-even-for-the-local-art-house-faux-indie-B-movie-making, no-talent hacks.

    Yep... hyphen overuse, certainly a no-no.

  2. You've overlooked the most common misuse of the hyphen, one I must see one-hundred times a day.

  3. I especially liked the "hat-red" ... took me a moment to figure out it had nothing to do with a red hat :)

  4. Whereas I'm most certainly a comma abuser.. Nice post :)

  5. Quit being a pre-Madonna.*


    *2-for-1 special

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  7. Nice post. Bad writing can just be doing it differently. I like the idea. Having your own style is helpful to the personality of the writing. If you write well-enough-bad-enough, then the readers will assume its intentional.

  8. Da-leks have no con-cept of hy-phen-a-tion!