The History of Grob BONUS EPISODE

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  1. I've been loving all the Grobian histories!

  2. Here in America, where both the English and Grobian languages were invented (I'm not gonna bet the farm on that because here in America we have not yet invented fact-checking or farming), we pronounce the "-roque" in "baroque" to rhyme with "smoke", as in the shopkeepers' perennial warning: "You ba-roque it? You ba-ought it." (This should all make sense to you unless you Brits pronounce "smoke" to rhyme with "smock", which why wouldn't you? - you probably do.)

    Anyroad, my point is, since you pronounce "baroque" to rhyme with "Barack", I think it was irresponsible of you not to make some sort of Barack Obama pun/joke. That would be an instance of truly bad writing and, after all, he's your president, too, as I understand it. (Keep in mind that whole fact-checking thing I mentioned above.)

    Unless, of course, you pronouce his name to rhyme with "bloke".

    1. We, on the other hand, have such puns as “Baroque & Roll,” “Baroque Around The Clock” and “Baroque-ing Horse.” (HEALTH WARNING: This may in fact be the same pun three times.)

      But a baroque president sounds like a good idea – the state of the union address could be presented in ottava rima.

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