Allow the rhyme scheme to dictate the content

This poem is for you, Rebecca –
I’m drawn to you like a pilgrim to Mecca,
Like a lighthouse lamp that’s all aflicker,
Like a record collector to the archives of Decca.
Your skin is pale and paper white
And I think you’re a lovely sight,
Much better than a building site;
A riot could your smile incite.
Your eyes are like two shining stars,
Or headlights on the front of cars,
Or spaceships exploding whilst orbiting Mars –
I hope you’re never infected with SARS.


  1. It ended just when it was getting good. I demand that you write a "DDDD" section to your poem.

  2. Some poetry sound like someone's found a rhyming dictionary and ran with it. Scary.

  3. Nice, but "aflicker" doesn't rhyme with "Mecca" for most English speakers though. Only those with non-rhotic dialects, which is mostly in England, with pockets in Boston, Norfolk, New Orleans, and Savannah. Some nice maps here:

  4. Even for us non-rhotic speakers, it still doesn't rhyme, as the vowel sound is wrong. But Boris Becker and double decker both do.

  5. But what about the poor limerickist?

    There was a young man of Anjou
    Whose limericks stopped at line two.

    There was a young man of Verdun.

  6. There was an old man
    from Peru, Whose limericks
    scanned like Haiku. When

    Asked why this was, He
    answered "Because the pay is
    much better for two."

    I too demand a D section.

  7. I wish he would write a piece on the abusive use of Latin words and phrases, such as ad nauseam.

  8. Rebecca is a lucky girl.

  9. Oh, there you are Joel! I've been looking for your site. I've enjoyed browsing your last several posts. Way cool.


  10. There was a young poet from Tring(*)
    Whose limericks lacked one vital element.
    He tried all the time
    to make the words fit.
    but the lines were too short.

    (*) Hertfordshire, UK, innit?

  11. I have to admit, Scurra's haiki-limerick is my favourite

  12. The poem you wrote was really good
    I've read your blog longer than I should
    My favorite sweatshirt is grey with a hood
    My nightstand and dresser are made of wood.