Sacrifice motivation for the sake of plotting

‘So,’ said Doug. ‘We’ve found the evidence we needed. Should we get out of here and contact the authorities?’ Maggie shook her head.
‘No,’ she said. ‘Let’s have another look around. Maybe there’s something we’ve missed.’
‘Really?’ said Doug, frowning. ‘We’ve got the photos and the hard drive, we’ve miraculously evaded capture and we even solved the mystery of who your long-lost brother is. What else is there to do?’
‘Well,’ Maggie said, ‘I’m quite interested in the architectural features of this secret lair. Do you think those columns are Doric? We should go and look.’ Doug exhaled heavily.
‘Seriously? We have no reason to be here any more. Hanging around is just going to get us caught, leading to an admittedly nail-biting but basically unnecessary series of escape attempts.’ Maggie nodded, craning her neck to look at the ceiling.
‘Uh-huh. I hear what you’re saying. It won’t take long.’ She smiled. ‘Ooh, also, we should split up so we can cover more ground.’


  1. .... and always use dialogue to explain the plot!

    I'm getting the hang of this writing badly well!


  2. Because everyone knows that bad things never happen to those who travel alone!

    This is way better than starting the day with the paper. Thanks.

  3. These are still great. I love it when there's a new How to Write Badly Well entry. I laugh pretty much every time.