If in doubt, initiate sex

‘Phew,’ said Professor Benkin. ‘It looks like the readings from the Bohm reactor are back at normal levels. That was a close one.’
‘It certainly was,’ purred Alex, stroking his arm. ‘But what should we do to pass the time before the lockdown ends?’
‘I’m sure we’ll think of something,’ Professor Benkin grinned.

Twenty minutes later, the vault door juddered into motion and rose to reveal a group of hazard-suited figures.
‘You took your time,’ said the Professor, putting his socks back on. The foremost figure pulled off her hazard helmet, releasing a cascade of luscious, chestnut-brown hair.
‘We thought you might appreciate some... time alone,’ she said, with a smirk. ‘But you two are going to need all your energy for the journey back.’
‘Why?’ asked Alex.
‘Oh,’ she said, running her fingertips lightly over her Geiger counter, ‘you’ll find out.’

Three hours later, the exhausted scientists arrived back at their lab, only to find a very special visitor waiting for them.
‘Professor Benkin. Dr. Molloy,’ said the President. ‘The Government of the United States wishes to show their gratitude for your heroic efforts.’ He smiled seductively. ‘In any way we can...’


  1. More insinuation than actual rumpy pumpy!

    You tease!


  2. I'm convinced. Let's fuck*!

    *A line which, according to my father, works really well. Sure, you get a lot of "No thanks", but if you ask enough people SOME of them are gonna say yes.

  3. I really shouldn't have read this one at work - now my face hurts from the suppressed giggles!

  4. My favorite line was "running her fingertips lightly over her Geiger counter".

  5. This idea doesn't work if you don't write the sex.

  6. I think you would appreciate this picture. Books are arranged so their titles tell you "How to Write Very Bad Poetry." Answer at the link.


  7. ProfessorTom – my apologies. I think poorly-written sex-scenes are such a big topic, I might have to tackle them on their own. This was more about the awkward segues into sex – if it helps, I promise you explicit hardcore action at a later date.

    D. Watson – I like that. It does rely on you already owning a book called "Very Bad Poetry" however. I think there's a game to be had from colliding book titles. The Remains of the Day of the Jackal? The Art of War of the Worlds?

  8. LOVE the colliding book titles - make me want to go and rack my brain...or even wreck my brain...

  9. Huckleberry Finnegan's Wake.