ROMANCE WEEK #5: Force a happy ending

Arianna, having fallen in love at first glance, made sacrifices to pursue her passion and encountered obstacles to her happiness, was just about to sink into despair when something remarkable and completely unexpected happened.
In an instant, she overcame her irrational fear of trained animals and felt the circus-related allergies to canvas, face-paint and straw simply melt away. Despite her lifelong disdain for circuses, she suddenly found herself fascinated by their transgressive liminality and ready to abandon her hugely successful academic career to revel in their chaotic energy. Also, she renounced her commitment to celibacy despite its strong philosophical underpinnings.
Just as she was undergoing this series of remarkable yet highly convenient revelations, she heard a strangled kind of grunt and looked up to see the bearded lady being crushed beneath a tiger which had been carelessly dropped on her by a strong-man. In a heartbeat, she was at Alfonzo’s side.
‘How terrible for you,’ she whispered, stroking the top of his curly wig. He looked up at her and she saw the flash of true love in his ocean-blue eyes.
‘Allo,’ he said, and she knew that they would be happy for many, many years.


  1. Love conquers all, Joel, including allergies, phobias, the heartbreak of psoriasis, and low tire pressure. Jeez.

  2. I heart Romance Week. If you add a bit of cross-dressing and some confused identities, you have Shakespeare's comedies.

    You'll have to licence this Joel, or it will be used as a 'how-to' by someone running "Write A Best Seller!!!" classes.

  3. hey! i study philosophy and i think celibacy can go screw itself (metaphorically speaking).
    that being said, i also heart romance week.

    and i heart the phrase "remarkable yet highly convenient".

  4. hillarious. sadly, I have seen stories that do this serriously. :)
    I love that phrase, too. "remarkably, yet highly convenient."