Throw in a few red herrings

Gutanga crept up to the dust-covered plinth and reached for the lid of the golden pot. She could feel the power radiating from it, a strange tension in the air around her. She lifted the lid and peered inside. It was empty. She hesitated. Where was the idol of Sultar? The map had led her here. It had to be...
She pushed the pot aside and swept the dust off the plinth beneath it. A secret compartment! She opened it and looked inside. It was empty. But that meant...
She stamped her foot down on the base of the secret compartment and it crumbled away. A false bottom! She brought the flame of her torch to floor level and saw a small hole in the dirt below. It was empty. That only left...
She scrabbled at the dirt with her hands and uncovered a small metal box buried deep in the hole. She prised it open. It was empty. That could only mean one thing...


  1. So awesome. Thanks for the laughs Joel.

  2. Gutanga turned the box over. The bottom was scratched - no, it had been deliberately marked. She quickly deciphered the message, that simply said 'turn around'. A vague statement, but considering the situation there was only one possible meaning...

  3. Excuse me? She's in a desert! Where is she getting herring of ANY color from? Is the desert really an ocean or something? Is that a hint that she's about to land in a river, or have a bucket of water dumped on her head? Until you work on that clue in the title, I think this is bad BAD writing! :P

  4. Absolutely brilliant, as always.

    You should do a "use way too many clich├ęs" one.
    If you already did, then forget I said anything =)

  5. this made me laugh out loud! so funny!