Keep plugging

Dear Readers,

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m performing the How To Write Badly Well live show at three different festivals in the UK:

Sat 2nd July, 8pm – The Page is Printed Literature Festival at the Tacchi Morris Arts Centre in Taunton.

Mon 11th July, 7:30pm – Poetry Café at the Frome Festival (also, I’ll be on the panel for Writers’ Question Time on Sun 10th, 2pm at Frome Library).

Sat 16th July, 5pm – The Literary Salon at Latitude Festival (I’ll also be compering over in the Poetry Arena all weekend – come and say hello).

I realise this is only geographically relevant to around 15% of you, but if any of our American or Australian friends would like to hop on a plane and come along, I’ll buy you a drink when I see you.

As always, the show is available in its entirety on YouTube for those of you too lazy and/or foreign to come along and see it.

All the best,


  1. Too lazy and/or foreign? That's me. Damn. To Youtube!!! I must away.

  2. I happen to be going to Latitude. See you there!

  3. come to the US

  4. We in America would love to see you, I am quite sure, but Alas! are you sure it isn't YOU who is too foreign? Either way, it is tragic, as in, "My wailing, quaking heart-soul" wishes you'd come for a nice little visit.


  5. You'd get an even bigger audience in India! After all, we're arguably the 3rd largest English-speaking (distorting?) people in the world! :D
    Badly well hoping ('against hope hopen') to see you here!