Plot your historical romance at random

Dear readers,

Another genre that you never have to think of your own plot idea for again. You can thank me later.

As pointed out in previous comments, there are virtual dice available online if you don’t happen to have the right polyhedrons just lying around. This said, I have faith in the essential geekiness of my audience.

All the best,


  1. When a idealistic traveler and a hot-headed farm worker are torn apart by the arrival of the first white settlers, one of them must seek out the other in a world gone mad.

    Cowboys and Indians it is!

  2. When a passionate stable boy and a free-spirited servant are torn apart by the outbreak of the Great War, one of them must undergo a great transformation until at last, they can be together.

  3. When a rugged doctor and a cynical farm worker are torn apart by the whims of an all-powerful ruler, one of them must make the ultimate sacrifice, until at last, they can be together.

    I'm not sure how they're going to be together after the "ulimate sacrifice" part, but I guess good bad writing shouldn't have to explain itself.

    1. No problem! Just make it a Christian romance, and then they can be together in Heaven — or so they hope.

  4. "When a reserved doctor and a naiive writer are torn apart by the illegal trade in blood diamonds, one of them must seek the other out in a world gone mad, until at last they can be together."

  5. When a rugged poet and a witty actress are torn apart by the Cuban missile crisis, one of them must change the course of history itself until at last, they can be together.

    I'm really hoping the rugged poet forces Castro's hand and triggers a nuclear holocaust for their love: true love means doing everything and anything it takes to be with The One. Even if that means irradiating the planet and starting the entire human race again on a nutritious diet of luminous cockroaches. I'd read that.

  6. That is the kind of thing a rugged poet would do.

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  8. Thanks SOOOO much! For the ideas, I mean. It will help me enormously!