Plot your SF at random

Dear readers,

Another in the series of tools for the inspirationally challenged. This week it’s the turn of SF and there are over 55 million possible plots, none of them particularly feasible:

Enjoy, and don’t forget to share your results.

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  1. It is the year before the return of the ancients and a time-travelling smuggler is the only one who knows the truth about an unchartered* planet. Soon a multi-dimensional event will destroy everything our hero holds dear.

    It's almost every Torchwood episode!

    *is this a planet without a constitution?

  2. Well, there you go. I always thought it was “unchartered.” I guess “uncharted” does make more sense. It’s a shame, because an unchartered accountant, doing someone’s books out there in the mysterious wilderness, could have been fun.

    1. Oh, no, that wouldn't have been fun, least of all for the misfit band of plane crash survivors who unwittingly entered his domain... One slip of the tongue, one careless "you should buy stock in Facebook's IPO and the horror... the horror....

    2. The Antipodean, semi-Chartered Accountant,Sunday, February 26, 2012

      Death Star written off?
      Cattle rustled by some browncoats?
      Away team left you with unwanted offspring and / or red-shirted corpses?
      Planet cluttered with remnants of Dalek/Cyberman/Other thwarted invasion?

      You need Li and Wesson, Unchartered Accountants: whatever your intergalactic crisis, we can get you a deduction!

    3. I'd watch the hell out of that show!

  3. It is the year of the Argon Scorpion, and a grizzled mercenary is trying to escape a shocking scientific discovery. Soon, a seemingly impossible event will awake a being that has slumbered for years.

    Meh. ::puts book back on the shelf::

  4. It is the year zero in the new reckoning and a robotic artificial intellegence is searching for answers about an ancient and powerful weapon. Soon, a seemingly impossible event will destroy everything our hero holds dear.

    Heh. Robot AIs are fun.

  5. It is the year of the Argon Scorpion, and a robotic hacker is merely the physical embodiment of an uncharted planet. Soon, a terrifying event will leave our hero stranded unimaginably far from home.

  6. I finally rolled a good one. It is the year 2000, the distant future, and a time-traveling lizard person is about to stumble upon a shocking scientific discovery. Soon, a bizarre quantum event will make our hero powerful beyond imagining.

  7. Wonderful. Now, everyone's homework is to actually write these stories, using as many of the techniques previously described in this blog as possible. Bonus marks will be awarded for randomly shifting point of view and unnecessary use of adjectives.

  8. "It is the year of the Argon Scorpion, and a mercenary is under the control of an ancient and powerful weapon. Soon, a long foretold event will awake a being that has slumbered for a millennia."

    Surprisingly, it makes sense.

  9. "Mutant mercenary," that is.

  10. The problem with that kind of homework assignment is that the longer I write it, the more I like it. I already named my lizard man "Glorbax the Bold, He Who Has Paid The Price Of Admission and Thrice-Conquered Space Mountain" and gave him a job working at a toll booth during the day and hoarding junkyard parts at night so he has some human antiques for when Glorious Leader (a working title) decides to dominate that part of the galaxy. I made him praise the human hatchlings for their self-propelled vehicle usage and practicing their stealth and evasion skills in their spare time, while wondering why the adults are coping so poorly with the realization of their finitude. It's hard to stop.

  11. Glorbax sounds awesome. I hope some life-changing event doesn't shatter the peace of his everyday existence, sending him stumbling into a thrilling adventure beyond his wildest imaginings...

  12. "It is the Year Before The Return Of The Ancients, and a Semi Aquatic Mercenary is Desperately Searching for the Secret of Eternal Life. Soon a Shockingly Deadly Event will
    Leave Him Stranded Far From Home."
    Could be worth a read...