Rely on your back catalogue #3

(if this doesn’t make sense to you, see the previous post)

From: Hi There!

Subject: Genuine Real Girls

There in our chat centers real life girls waiting for you. They are so blonde and lonely they need you see them NOW! Click on!

They do any thing you ask them they are lonely and need you. See them NOW do any thing you want them too. These are real girls IN YOUR AREA!

On the webcam they will do what you say! You can ask them smile and they smile or play scrabble and they do that to.

All girls REAL GIRLS can play instrument. VIOLIN! OBOE! CLAVICHORD! They play for you now! They can listen to LONG ANECDOTES about work in YOUR office and make HOT STEAMY TEA! They agree with you HOUSE PRICE opinion! They laugh JOKES you make! HAHAHAHAHA with head tilting ACTION!

GENUINE REAL GIRLS so lonely need you. You MAKE THEM feel wanted. They STOP CRYING. You STOP CRYING. There is happiness. CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK!


  1. They laugh JOKES I make! HAHAHAHA with head tilting ACTION! How can I resist?

  2. The head tilting action did it for me!

    1. I don't know... I was won over by CLAVICHORDS.

  3. I’m just hoping this post doesn’t get the blog blacklisted by Google.

  4. I hope you own, but I'm too scared to look.

  5. This is so tempting.

  6. umm... I don't know what to say to that...