Make your influences clear

‘Please, you’ve got to listen to me,’ I shouted, hammering on the door. ‘Doctor Browning! Open the door!’ It opened a crack – just enough for an eye and a shock of white hair to appear.
‘You’re crazy,’ the Doctor whispered. ‘There’s no such thing as time travel.’
‘You’ve got to believe me, Doctor,’ I pleaded. ‘I’m from the future. My name is Martin McFoo. You sent me here and now I’m stuck. You built a time machine out of a Lamborghini using uranium to generate six point one terrawatts of energy.’
‘Six point one terrawatts?’ yelled the Doctor. ‘That’s impossible!’
‘You did it, Doctor. You sent me in the car at ninety-nine miles per hour and I came back in time and now I’m probably going to sleep with my own mother. It’s kind of disturbing if you think about it.’
‘Great Skeet!’ exclaimed the Doctor.
‘Listen, please,’ I said. ‘I need to go back. You’ve got to send me back. I have to... RETURN TO THE PRESENT!’


  1. Very nice lol I could just about guess your age now, even if there wasn't a picture of a 23-30 year old man on the page.

  2. I can't wait for the scene where Buff Tandem crashes into a urine truck!

  3. Am I the only one who read "Six point one terrawatts? That's impossible!" and thought about Dragon Ball Z?

  4. Nice! I love a good Quantum Leap reference.

  5. @doggans: I love that part! Just after Martin steals the kid's rollerskates, hacksaws off the inside wheels, and uses them to escape from Buff. Classic!

  6. "Martin McFoo" and "Great Skeet!" made me snort loudly.